Work From Home as a Web Search Evaluator

Working from home is something that most people dream of doing, yet many people do not know where to start. One of the jobs that are on the market for those who stay at home is the job of a web search evaluator. This is a person who will evaluate random sites based upon the search criteria that is given. In most cases, the person will work for a company who provides the information needed for these searches and be paid on an hourly rate.

web search evaluator jobs

Income Potential Web Search Evaluator Jobs

TheĀ income potential with working as a web search evaluator is something that really has no limits. There are many people who make more than ten dollars an hour working for twenty hours per week, while other people may work forty hours per week for the same hourly rate. This is something that can render a person full time income and be work that can easily be completed from home.

Requirements to Work as a Web Search Evaluator

The main requirements of working as a web search evaluator include;
– Fast internet that is reliable, usually a DSL, satellite or wireless connection of some sort
– Vast knowledge of the Internet and how to search
– Ability to devote a few hours each day to the work

It is also advisable

People have some form of education as many of the projects that are out there will require that someone has a particular background in that topic. For example, a technology degree for technical websites will be helpful.

Where to Find Web Search Evaluator Jobs

There are several companies who offer the chance for a person to sign up and be interviewed for these positions. For those who are seeking this type of employment, a simple search online will give many jobs that are available for the person to apply for. A few of the companies that are known for providing employment in the web search evaluator field are:

– Appen Butler Hill
– Google
– Leapforce
– Lionbridge
All of these companies hire regularly for part time workers in the web search evaluator field, and there is a potential for these to become full time positions.

The job of a web search evaluator is one in which most people will find entertaining. For those that are on the Internet a lot, they will find that they can make a difference in the quality of websites out there, just through evaluating what they see and the way that the site works. It is one way to turn the hobby a person has into an income that can provide substantial amounts of money each week or month. It is important for a person to remember to watch out for scams while searching for these jobs. There are several out there to be found. A few key elements to note is just who the company is hiring and the background on this company to ensure that this is a company that is worth looking into for Web Search Evaluator employment.

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  1. Rani.K says

    The Web Search Evaluator has to be connected with the internet and always be in search of performances of the web sites. It is very interesting to know about the web search evaluator.

    • angeli garrido wagas says

      This job really fits on me cause I’m use to search for many things and then have critiques. Hoping I can be one of the team. Thank you!

  2. Parul says

    No its not nice even its ridiculous coz every single time they ask to buy this and that, i am new member of this but i dont understand that how to start the work. if somebody knows that how to do the work then pls let me know.

  3. Rajeswari says


    By seeing your reviews, I wish to join in this “web search evaluator job”> Can anybody help me how to join in this job and how to do the work please?

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