Tips for Online Writing to Earn Money

Writing is one of the basic skills of a person. It involves the ability of the person to create a perfect content with full of substance. As we all know, every website should have article content in order for them to improve their page ranking. This goes to the availability of the workers especially technical writers who can work for their web content. The job opportunity for online writing is increasingly demanding for this past years. It is expected to bloom in the later years. As long as people are using websites, the demand for online writing never stops.

Online Writing

Online article writing is the most popular way of earn money through the internet. The more you write articles, the more chances of having an income. Below are the basic tips to improve your online writing skills:

1. Grammar is a MUST in Online Writing

– Since the SEO is now stricter than before, every website should have content that possess good and well-written grammar. Even in other article directories, they will reject your articles unless you made it perfectly fit. Grammar is very important especially when you are writing some technical issues.

2. Using Friendly Keywords in Online Writing

– There are several article directories that can suggest for your keywords. These words are very important because it is used for indexing of the site. This will be used for assessment process made by search engine in order for them to classify a site on their databases. Choose keywords that can optimize the content and make sure that these must be related to the content.

3. High Quality Contents

– Make sure that when you write an article, you need to ask yourselves about these. “Can this help my target clients? Is this interesting?” If you have met these questions in your article then you are doing it right. However, we do not prevent you from using techniques that can help increase the site page ranking but always remember that online writing an article will still be based on its natural effectiveness. Take note that you are writing for the people, not for the sake of page ranking. Everything will follow it’s just hitting two birds with one stone.

4. Keep it Unique

– Most employers will require you to write premium articles. If we say premium it means that you need to write articles that are original. There is nothing wrong with looking for ideas but make sure that you don’t copy everything from it. Otherwise, you will be accused of plagiarism and it will affect your performance in the future. Always remember that not everybody has the same opinion. Trust yourself and you will arrive with original ideas.

5. Earn Money by Proof Reading

– Finally, you need to make sure that before you submit the articles you have to read it again and again. What I’m trying to tell you is to reassess your article in order for you to finalize it. There is no need to rush everything, just make sure that the articles are free from misspelled words and wrong grammar.

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  1. Dinesh Prasad chaudhary says

    Its really one of the best job, & easy to work. The writing article is one of the best media of writing. I am so Interested in this job, This job shows the development.

  2. nseka mavambu says

    i love writing, am not perfect at spelling but i think if i write more and get other people to read it in oder to help me corect my spelling mistakes am going to inprove my wrtting skills. i just hope that i get a writting work soon and start writting. your feedback will be very important to me.

  3. Akanksha says

    It is so Good for us every person want to be more talented and gain more excellence in their work it increases our accuracy for our work.I want part time job.It is so essential for me.

  4. saraswathy says

    Writers have never had more ways of receiving feedback on their writing. Writing groups have proliferated online and some sites have thriving communities dedicated to helping their members improve and achieve their writing goals. Online writing workshops offer the convenience of getting crits on your work without having to leave the comfort of your home.

  5. khandeshwar says

    it is very interesting about this job i like this in this there are many ways we can achieve that is knowledge, talent,skill, and many more..

  6. khandeshwar says

    i love this offer it not only create a personality but a healthy income which is more significance. I appreciate this. it creates employment services which is not burden here is no one boss.

  7. Kishore Sood says

    I am delighted to see “How to make money at Home”.This is really wonderful for a person like me.I am convent educated and never stood second in the class.All credit goes to my father,who was Principal and Head of English College.He put his strenuous efforts to make me a successful son and a perfect human being as well.After graduation,I did many jobs in esteemed companies on managerial & administrative levels. I have always got appreciations wherever I’ve worked by the grace of Almighty.Now,as my mother is not feeling well due to age factor and small ailments in this age,so I have to look after her and also the other affairs.I’m running my English Coaching Centre for Senior students,teaching grammar,IELTS/spoken English students of all manners.So,in this way I keep myself busy.But there is a lot of time with me to do some creative work,like perfect writing on any subject.I have been writing on different topics and on current events for many years.This is my obssession and passion too.It is my ardent desire to explore my skills through my ability and capability.That’s it.Thanks.

  8. Gorazd says

    I want to be an online tutor, proofreader, or just anything that has to do with English language. I’m obviously fluent in english, so all I need now is just connection and a chance. If there is anyone there who has the same goal as me and wants to become my online co-worker in search of maybe something that could develope into a lucrative business, then contact me.

  9. mohit mohan says

    apart from all the above mentioned qualities required for this job,i think one more thing which is much important is patience of reading and writing each and every thing.well i found the above given thing very much useful, not only for this work or job but we need all these for our further career

  10. prasanna says

    Very useful information for all those who wants to career in Online Writing jobs. This is also helpful for students, corporate world, offline writers, novel writers etc. So I completely agree with above information in blog.

  11. Dr. Rashmi Naidu says

    4 “Simple and easy tips” which every good writer should follow at all times. A crisp and concise article on any topic is a treat for the writer and reader alike.

  12. Anushree says

    This is a really great job to do…..u r earning as well as learning….this is a good way to improve your english skills. In this carrier oriented world on e must have a good command over english language, writing as well as speaking.This will help me too to be independent and to learn.

  13. Hazari Prasad Singh says

    A very nice five point description is provided in this page to write good and error free articles. Grammer is really the heart of good communication. The another important aspect is proof reading. This enables us to discover the hidden mistakes and correct them. The kind of guidance provided in this page is really very helpful in writing articles and meet the client expectations.

  14. Gourab Samanta says

    This is a very good way of earning. Also I can learn many things fro here. I dont need a huge amount of money in first. I just need to know the way of doing the job then I will be able to be a perfectionist on this. Then I can easily make money by my self.

  15. Sowmya says

    The tips provided here are worth considering and applying before landing up for content writing jobs online. I would however like to add on that content writing jobs usually need lots of ideas to pop up spontaneously and also ability to relate between various subjects or topics.

    This ability can be increased by doing a lot of reading and continuous enhancement of worldly knowledge.

  16. Umasankar Bhattacharjee says

    By writing an article the power of expression about a thing or things gets expanded coupled with the increase in knowledge and learning. This job is not only a money earner but also a process of learning itself.

  17. sheminshad Beegam says

    Writing and reading are the best way of communication of ideas and knowledges among people. One, who can present his thoughts through his writings. A pleasent and cool mind can create valuable thoughts and words. So give me a chance to do my ability.

  18. sharmistha das says

    i m agree with every one’s comments. but i think other then making money and improving knowledge this site will give us a chance to express our feelings, our emotions amoung others. it give us a chance to prove ourself…
    if we think about making money n all then its a best way.
    but if i got chance to write an article then its a way for me to communicate with others..
    simply when we write an article to make money it doesn’t make any influencive impact on other but if we write with passion then it inspiress
    people and the comments on that acticle will indicate us whats going on in the mind of public. what they want n all.
    many people says its easy, sounds interesting and many more bt its not a easy job. writing is a great responsebility.
    like you are writing an article and u have to keep in mind that you are not hurting anyone is a tuff job..
    i also love writing but in fee times and the tips which are mentioned above are really really good to improve our writing skills and i hope these tips will help me out in my difficult houres of writing…. :-)

  19. Pravinkumar Manthiriyappan says

    Sorry i Forgot to say another important think to achieve peak of success in life is to have interest in the field you chose or choosen by someone else. Have a interest in that field and achieve highest position in that field.

  20. says

    I have been sending letters and opinions on facebook, yahoo etc.,i feel that i can become a FREELANCER as per my abilities and command over good english.I have good qualification and also i read extensively books and magazines continuously for a long time , but i never attempted to submit any material as a FREELANCER. Is it possible for me to start it as a career now?

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