Roles and Responsibilities of Data Entry operators

Nowadays, most companies rely on Data entry operators to fill in important and sensitive information. Although it is a tiring and repetitive job, this job requires an eye for detail and utter dedication. The role of a data entry operator either in any organization or working as freelancer is extremely important. There are various functions that are directly related to the performance of a data entry operator. At the outset, this might seems a regular job, but the underlying responsibilities of the job makes it quite competitive and highly in demand. It requires people needs to have many skills to work in a systematic manner. The main objective of the work is to enter the data in a system by using his personal computer, or work on a software to make entries. Apart from that, the data entry operators are also responsible for researching a topic, updating an existing file, planning and organizing, information collection and verifying the information stored on the PC. It may involve a lot of numbers and special characters, thus making it difficult for even fast typers to keep up.

roles and responsibilities

Most Common Roles Required for Data Entry Operators

  1. Typist
  2. Transcriptionist
  3. Word processing agent
  4. Entering values into programs

It is quite obvious that the role of a data entry operator is quite versatile and interested people can keep it interesting by applying themselves to diverse field.

Key Responsibilities

Apart from an eye for detail and a perseverance nature, a data entry operator need to have excellent typing skills, should have working knowledge of the various software packages in use currently, the ability to learn things quickly and should maintain excellent standards when it comes to grammar and punctuation.

Since a data entry operator is going to be paid based on the number of pages he fills or the number of forms he worked on, speed is an absolute necessity for this profession. But speed merely doesn’t solve the issue, one needs to be accurate as well. Speed without accuracy will result in waste of time as you need to proof check periodically. Although some clients prefer graduate holders for this profession, more often even diploma holders or high school pass outs can appear for the job as long as they have basic computer skills and the various other skills mentioned above.

Ensuring the Accuracy of the Data

data entry operatorAs a data entry operator, you are responsible to make sure that the data entered in a system or software must be accurate and up to date. As a data entry operator, you have to enter various types of information in the system, and keeping the quality of the work is extremely important. Whether you are working as a freelance operator, or you are associated with an organization, it is your primary objective to enter the accurate information for the users. In this regard, you have to double check the information to avoid any kind of typing errors, and achieving the higher standards of the work.

Confidentiality of the Data

Another key responsibility is to keep the confidentiality of the data. In some cases the nature of the work assigned to you is extremely sensitive. Just like data entry operators working in a bank or working as a freelance for a bank. In that case, your duty is to keep the confidentiality of the data. Keeping the quality of the data may be the basic responsibility of a data entry operator, but often it is equally important to keep the data confidential.

Communicating with the Other Staff

As a data entry operator, you have to communicate with other colleagues, and high ups on a daily basis to verify or update the information. As a punctual and accurate data entry operator, you have to know the art of communication so that you can easily ensure the quality of the work.

Concentration and Focus

Often you have to spend long hours on the computer in order to complete your tasks, and in this situation it becomes extremely hard to keep the same concentration level. As a professional, you have to make sure that your concentration level does not affect because of the late sitting. You have to work on tight time deadlines for long working hours with same concentration in order to become a professional data entry operator.

Ready to Make Corrections

As human beings we all make mistakes, and as a data entry operator, making errors is a normal thing. You have to be ready for the necessary corrections all the time. Whether it is a typo, or change in the information, you should never say “No” to any change.

Above are just a few roles and responsibilities of a data entry operator. There are various duties that you need to perform as a data entry operator on the daily basis.

Challenges Faced by Data Entry Operators

challange data entry operatorOwing to the low skill requirement for the job and the easily replaceable workforce, data entry experts are hired on a temporary basis. Very few companies take the pain of hiring full time data entry operators. This makes it all the more important for people to adhere to strict quality parameters. Once you have the right connections and leads, you can easily get round the year work and easily finish it by working from your home. The versatility and freedom associated with this job makes it quite attractive for home based workers and people who hate the office work culture. By constantly improving your knowledge and upgrading your skills, you can evolve as a specialized professional, thereby increasing you chances of getting hired for high paying jobs.

Data entry operators are going to be in high demand over the next decade or so because of the need to updates regularly and the cheap labor that is very much required in research projects. With most aspects of health care going into the electronic format, data entry operators can easily find jobs in such fields.

It is observed that most of the jobs are outsourced from European and American states to countries like India, Philippines and China due to their low cost labour. It is a win win situation for all parties involved. One of the greatest challenge faced by people is the monotonous nature of the work which causes most of them to quit in a very short period of time. The only way to break this jinx is to alternate between different projects rather than continuing with the same one over an extended period of time.

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    • Javaid Iqbal says

      This understood as has been narrated the responsibilities of Typists, Data Entry Operators and other such like workers.

      In this regard, it shall not be out of context to mention here that presently I am involve in similar matter and in my this relevant field I am since 1979 and am proficient in English, Typing Field, Computer MS Office etc.

      Even have the ability to translate the matter from English to Urdu and vice versa, apart from other many languages.

  1. a.s.kumar says

    i read your rules and responsibilities it’s mentioned all matters are correct. I also learn this profession very eager it’s use full for my future.

  2. Pankaj Patidar says

    As a data entry operators it is very important to be accurate and up to date and be confident while data entry.All the above information is right and I agree with all these points and want to join your work to apply my skills and knowledge.


    Roll of a data entry operator’s it is very important to be accurate and up to date and be confident while data entry. All the above information is right and I agree with all these points and want to join your work to apply my skills and knowledge.

  4. Pooja says

    Converting text from a hard copy to soft copy will indeed become very common in the near future. I would like to stay a step ahead and offer my services for data entry jobs. I am aware that the quality of conversion expected from me will be high and am prepared to meet the challenge. It will help to alleviate the financial burden on me and as such, this opportunity would be greatly appreciated.

  5. H B Sharma says

    As a data entry operator, these key responsibilities are correct and might to following them honestly. Then we can success in this field.

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