Online Clicking Jobs – Ad Clicking Jobs

Ad clicking jobs is one of the home based jobs opportunity available in the internet. Mostly this type of work from home jobs are available to workers without any investments. This type of jobs are also called as online clicking jobs or email reading jobs or paid to click ads jobs. For doing this clicking jobs no special skills or any other extraordinary knowledge required. Basic browsing knowledge and understanding the English is more than enough to do this clicking jobs. But this type of work involves more time to get decent monthly income. There is no fixed working hours for this clicking jobs. Workers can work any time depending on their convenience.  Ad clicking workers will get their payment either by paypal transfer or cheque payment from the job providing company.

Ad Clicking Jobs

How Ad Clicking Jobs Works

Actually this type of online clicking jobs are offered by thousands of reputed multinational companies for their product and brand promotion. This multinational companies spend huge amount for getting advertise their product and service. This companies hire advertising companies to promote their advertisements. This big companies pays amount to advertising companies to publish their advertisements. This amount will be shared to online ad clicking workers from advertising companies. Advertising companies act as a mediator between multinational companies and home based job doing workers. Most of this companies pays the payout promptly to their workers. However some scams are also reported in this ad clicking jobs segment. Workers needs to be alert on their employers to get their monthly payment.

How to Work on Online Clicking Jobs

Most of the advertising companies will send ads by email only. Some companies will have separate member page for their workers. Ad clicking workers need to have valid email id and proper internet connection. Daily workers will get minimum ten email ads or this ads will be displayed in the member page. The number of ads depends on the company. Some companies may send more number of ads also.  Workers needs to click ads one by one. You need to stay on the ad page for 20 to 40 seconds in order to credit the required amount in to your account. A perfect clicking job company will pay your income on weekly basis. This is the real online jobs, so no need to invest any amount for doing this work.

Scams reported in Ad Clicking Jobs

Workers needs to be alert on scam in this ad clicking jobs category. This type of scam are done by advertising company not by multinational companies. No investment required for doing this jobs. However some advertising companies asking upfront fee from home based workers. This fees is for maintain a trust on the workers. They will refund this fee after your 3 or 4 payouts. So employes must be alert before paying upfront fee to any job providing companies. Because of the few scams this genuine ad clicking jobs name is spoiled badly. This is the genuine income opportunity for home based unskilled persons.

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  1. Purandar Chutia says

    I am government employee. Most of the time I am free at home as well as in office. So, I am very much interested in home based job.

  2. Kalyanimurali says

    This is a big opportunity for me to be in this job thank you for giving me these opporunity

  3. bhavesh says

    i am a student of it field….this time is vacation time so i am free whole day…So, I am very much interested in home based job.

  4. satish devrukhkar says

    a hi i m free lines dance performer in Bollywood movies in this field there is no every day work i want too doo some other work interested in part time home based job plz support me thanx ……..

    • sandeep ladwal says


      This is a big opportunity for me. I really want to do this job. I was seen Thousand of website to make money from online job but they want to pay some amount for registration but when i see this website they don’t want to pay any fee for registration. It is enough for me to trust this website.Please send me some project on my Mail-ID. I want to work on AD-Clicking Jobs. Please give me some assignment to do this work.

  5. vishwas says

    First time i heard and think it’s frawd,,,,, but after reading the article this the great opportunity for making money, thnks dataconversion.

  6. Sangita S Bamane says

    This is best opportunity to earned money online I am also interested such type of advertisement cliking job.

  7. Rochelle says

    I think its easy to do this job and much interested to do this kind of work. I’m a full time mom with one kid and I need a job to have an extra income. And it’s a big opportunity for me.

  8. venkatesan says

    Dataconversion bring very good opportunity to change my time, talent and interst into very useful for me. I feel it is dazing feild and chance, dataconversion provides to everyone those who want to make use of each every minute of a day.
    I am very much intrested to join my hands with this genuine and trust whorthy job provider. I take this wonderful opportunity to ask you, dataconversion to consider me in the distribution of your work.

    I also wish everyone should use this unbelivable but trustable way with reference to their free account open service to make their endeavour into happiness.

  9. Harrison says

    Online clicking jobs are one of the easiest ways to work and earn from home. Your site has very useful home business ideas!


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