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Making money is easy as counting your fingers. Thanks to the convergence and technology. We can now work and earn even by just staying at home. All you need to have is a stable internet connection and internet savvy.

There are so many websites that serves as portal for the job seeker and employer. The most popular one is the Aside from being the world’s largest job community site, this allows people who have sufficient skills in teaching, appointment setting, encoding, software developing, and other technical jobs can work anytime.

Here are the basic steps to earn money online through

1. You need to have an account in
2. Make sure to have an active email in order for you to receive notifications from the website. It will serve as your recipient for receiving updates and newsletter from your employer and the management of the site.
3. Once you have successfully earned an account, you can now start looking for jobs.
4. There are 2 main categories in this site. One is for full-time jobs and the other is for part-time or what we call “freelancer”.

5. If you want to have longer terms of work, you can check the menu tab for full-time jobs. The advantage of full-time jobs is to provide you with security of tenure. However, the salary is fixed for monthly basis. Unlike with part time jobs, you can’t establish a stable monthly income but you can exceed with the minimum salary as long as you earned good feedbacks and work with different clients.

6. After you select the main category, you can now choose from various job offers in There are several options to choose. You need to look for an employer that meets your standards. There are employers which require their applicants to take the examination such as English proficiency test. Since most of the clients are English speakers and needs English employees, therefore taking this exam is an advantage.

7. Once you meet all the possible requirements, you can now start making your impressive resume. When you contact an employer, you need to submit your application letter and attach your resume. Afterwards, wait for the confirmation of the employer. If you successfully impressed them, you can now start working with them.

8. Your salary will be transferred to your account. In here, you can either withdraw the money directly to your bank account or transfer it to another online account.

9. Make sure to have a bank account and enroll it to your account. Otherwise, you need to have an active online account where you can transfer the money.

10. The transfer of fund may usually takes between 3 to 5 days after the withdrawal transaction.

11. The fund will be available for a couple of days before you begin your withdrawal transaction. Usually, the employer will give the fund to your account and it will take for about 2 to 5 days before you receive the money from the employer. Charges will be applied per withdrawal transaction.

Conclusion about

There are other ways that you need to remember before applying for a job. You should check the feedback of the employer because this will serve as your basis for getting the right job. There are employers that will contact you directly which will be outside from this website. However, it does not guarantee you with maximum security if you settle with employer who will contact you indirectly. You need to remember that there will be some possible concerns related to online jobs with relevance to legitimacy of the job.

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21 Responses to One Stop Shop for Online Jobs at

  1. Huma says:

    An engineer, having experince of 7 years in aviation industry

  2. tanmoy biswas says:

    please confirm the cost of the project so that i can workout accordingly and also suggest me some data entry related jobs as i have a good skill on it.

  3. Jayaraman says:

    Excellant. Any training for data entry will be given.

  4. seema says:

    I will be lucky , if i got the job.

  5. Arjun Samnotra says:

    I am really interested in online job need your help

  6. BABLY JASSAL says:

    I am positively looking forward for Online Data entry Operator Job.Kindly give your suggestions for the same

  7. Aradhana Andrews says:

    I Would love to work with your organisation

  8. Ankit saxena says:

    I am interested in online job………

  9. jayesh says:

    hi, i am looking for part time data entry jobs..pls help in how to get the project.

  10. muddesar shah says:

    i am interested to do online per time job

  11. viju says:

    hi, i am looking for part time data entry jobs..pls help in how to get the project.

  12. jade says:

    Wow! I’m amazed. Thank you Odesk for creating such opportunity. Thank God I found you…. I’m excited to work with your clients soon. I’m waiting….

  13. pradeep gupta says:

    its pradeep gupta want to get online job from home becoz i have good skill to do work online like as typing , excel work and many more ..hope you will prefer me………

  14. Veeresh says:

    hai friends,

    I had some experience in Data Entry Jobs and Show me the way of making Online Money through the Data Entry Jobs

  15. sunil sharma says:

    i am interested in online data entry

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  21. Nid says:

    Odesk seems to be consultancy firm, a laision between job seekers & employers. However, providing prospective candidates to its clients seems in return to their services is its main business. The question arises whether it provides all types of employment opportunities or not.