How to Earn Money on Fiverr

In our previous posts we have talked about home based online jobs. The online jobs can be either part time or full time depending on your availability. However, one thing you must remember is, compensation is always based on the budget of the employer. You can find these online jobs on the reliable freelancing websites. One of the popular website where you can find different types of online jobs is

make Money on Fiverr

How to Earn Money on Fiverr?

It is a website where you can advertise your skills to earn extra money. When we talk about online jobs, there are many in which you have to work on a full-time basis. You have to provide proof of your past experience, feedback score, and comments of your previous clients. However, things are a bit different in Fiverr as it advertises your skills regardless of your previous working experience. You can make your CV, in which you mention things that you love to do. The field of your expertise is referred as “Gigs”, and you have to give a price to your each Gig which ranges from $4 to $5. Out of which, Fiverr charges you $1 for each Gig.

How to Start Your Gig and Make Money on Fiverr

If you want to make money on Fiverr you have to understand what Gig is, and how to start your Gig. After signing up to Fiverr, you can personalize your profile page by changing the wallpapers, adding photos, and music. You have to mention your skills and your charges for each Gig. You can also add some samples to give confidence to your potential clients. You have to add the links to your profile to other social websites such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

You have nothing to pay to the Fiverr at this stage whether you are a buyer or a seller. You just need to create a Gig, post it, and then wait for any client. Once you are able to find a buyer for your services, your money is sent to you through the PayPal account. Earn money on Fiverr is extremely easy as you can offer from simplest of skills such as data entry work to more complex technological expertise like PHP developers, and Android Application Developers. Gradually you build your reputation, and you can also retain your old buyers if they feel satisfied with your work. Like any other online job, your reputation always builds on your quality of work, punctuality, and availability.

You can also add some extra skills on your Fiverr page. Keep in mind that if your Gig is priced for $5, you will be paid $4 and $1 will be sent to Fiverr. When the buyer requests you add on, he has to pay extra, and some buyers also give you additional bonuses for your additional efforts.  You have to build a rapport with your clients if you want to build a career, and earn money on fiverr.  Make money on fiverr depends on how much time and skills you have got to show your clients.

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  1. satish says

    yes, feverr is nice…
    we have to sell our skills online through feverr for which it will charge some amount.
    It is quite fine that we are not loosing anything and getting a chance to prove ourselves.


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