Get Paid for Writing Children Stories

Are you one of those who love to write stories? Do you love to read children’s stories? How creative you are in writing children stories? Can you catch the interest of the audience through your story writing? If yes, then you can Get paid for writing children stories. Although writing children’s stories may seem like a simple task to achieve and earn money from it.  But it is no doubt a rewarding career. When you will enter the world of children’s stories writing you can start training and giving a learning tip through your stories to children. You need to understand the art of writing children’s stories that is not only interesting but creates informative stuff in it as well as bit entertaining to catch ever child interest. If you think, you have mastered in the art of writing interesting children’s stories then no one can stop you in making good money from it. You can earn money through publishing your stories in different magazines or you can start writing books about exclusive children’s stories. All you need is to think about what you write about and how you will engage the children and their parents to read your stories.

Get Paid for Children Stories

Steps to Get Paid for Children Stories

To get an idea about how to start writing children’s stories, you can go to a library or you can read different magazines in which they write about children and stories are covered according to their ages. Get an idea about writing stories in different categories or niche like fantasy world, family drama or mystery stories for children engaging interest and make them interact with other children they have read recently. An exclusive touch of stories can create the popularity among the children of all ages.

You can even take classes in creative writing. You will find many contacts through these classes because many writers give these creative writing classes. Therefore, it can be a valuable experience for you in your training classes.

A tip of the day is this that you write story on a daily basis. When you are done with one story keep writing on other topics, keep aside the old story for six weeks, and later read the old story and make changes in it if any required.

Another tip is that for a high quality exclusive story writing is that you keep on reading and rewriting them until you finds it has become the best one among all. For a feedback, give your teacher having familiarity with children’s stories to read the story you write and ask for their remarks about the stories.

You can even enter into a group of children’s literature. You can even share your stories with them and let them give their feedback about your writing and get receptive in reading those remarks. A good way is to understand the critical view of your exclusive creative story writing.

To excel further and a step ahead is that you can start going to a children’s conference for writers. You can even go to the workshops on writing children’s stuff and there you can get a chance to meet with the editors and agents at such conferences and give ideas to them about the one you are writing about and get their feedback on it. Look out for interested agents and publishers who want to the purchase or give a chance to your creative story for submission.

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    It is my honer to write the stories for children. I to make the stories to publish for children on good purpose through this.

  2. Digvijay Singh Rajput says

    Hi I am a story writer and I have published some of my stories in different book and magzeens.

  3. ashna shaji says

    Hey…. I’m new to the filed but I’m sure that I can write interesting stories in various themes. I love reading books and I’ve read many books both fiction and non-fiction books..Looking forward for your reply. Thank You..

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